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Create your Change through choices that align with your Divine Soul Blueprint

Life Situational Reading

This reading is designed to resolve specific issues that you are currently encountering in your life.

Whilst this can be done for new clients I do recommend that a Soul Realignment Reading is done and this reading becomes ongoing work, that keeps us on track.

Clearing work is really like peeling an onion there are many levels of clearing that we can do and need to do. Often the layers start to show themselves as resistance as we move further into our Divinity . When you are ready to do more clearing work situations will arise and these can easily be tacked and cleared.

The type of situation you are currently experience could show up in things like:


  • I am having trouble doing my Realignment work
  • The kids are driving me insane
  • The house is always a mess
  • My business plans are not coming to fruition
  • I can’t lose the weight i want to
  • Having Financial issues

There are many more things and sometimes when we bunch them together it starts to feel like “overload” to us and this is where this reading comes in.

We can energetically look at where the misalignments are and why we are creating them, in order for us to resolve them and bring back peace and harmony into our lives, moving as always closer to living our Divinity. Therefore allowing us to create and manifest the life we want to live and we know we cannot do that in conflict with ourselves!!

Life Situation Reading $195

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