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Candles by Natura

We believe all environments should support their occupants. Our beautiful natural soy wax candles will enhance and fill your space with entrancing aromas encouraging a warm and peaceful ambience.

Our candles are made from natural soy wax, have lead-free wicks and natural fragrances and are animal cruelty free.

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Our Meditation Series

This series of wonderful aromatic scents and ambient candles comes in 6 different beautiful fragrances.

Available in either Medium or Large glass jars with lids. A wonderful gift for yourself or to give to someone else.

With each of these amazing candles you’ll be given:

  • A Crystal – Delivered with your candle.
  • A free 4 week Demystifying Meditation Course and
  • A 30 minute Guided Meditation
Course and Meditation are delivered via email to you on purchase when you submit your name and email address.


With Indigo Lavendar Fragrance and Rose Quartz Crystal this candle opens us to receiving love into our lives.  

Inner Peace

With Island Space Fragrance and Sodalite Crystal this candle brings peace and tranquillity so we can enjoy that peaceful place in ourselves.

Stress Free

With Sandlwood and Saffron Fragrance and an Amethyst Crystal stress free living is just around the corner for you to relax and unwind.

Spiritual Awakening

With Angels Whispers Fragrance and Clear Quartz Crystal our connection to the universe and all there is becomes highlighted on our personal journey.

Calm & Collected

With Himalayan Bamboo Fragrance and Aquamarine Crystal this candle calms the emotions and nurtures our energy.  

Personal Power

With Lemongrass & Sage Fragrance and Tigers Eye Crystal our personal power, creativity and prosperity are enhanced.  

A little bit about Candles by Natura

Candles have been part of religious, spiritual and cultural ceremonies for many years. Natura’s candles are made with you in mind, supportive of whatever is happening in your life at the moment.

Our colourful, fragrant and supportive ranges will ensure you find the right match to your environment inspiring elements of abundance, inspiration or balance.

Our Signature Series Candles all come with a variety of Crystals, Meditations and Mindfulness worksheets to assist you on your life’s path and purpose. Enjoy our fabulous courses which are emailed to you on purchase.

Why Choose Us

35+ Years of Experience

With 35+ years in the healing and holistic human development industry, we are experts in knowing about how our environment affects our wellbeing. Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. What you choose to infuse in your environment has a direct effect on YOU! And this is where we come in.


Custom Everything

Candles are a large part of igniting our senses and creating peaceful moments that most of us desire. Whether that’s the end of a busy day looking for that peaceful moment, readying our room to support our sleep state, entertaining guests for dinner or working like us in our healing environment.


We Deliver

A high quality products in every sense. The time, love and blessings that are poured into making our candles ensure you receive a high quality product you are sure to be impressed with. As a gift to someone special our custom made collection is sure to bring much joy.


About Candles by Natura

Our candles are all hand poured and fragrances picked to support the use of the candle. Our candle range is supported by the unique addition of Meditations, Crystals, Worksheets and Courses all uniquely chosen by us here at Natura.

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