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Meet Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guide Profile

There are a multitude of Beings on the spiritual plane that are helpful and can serve as our helpers and guides during our physical incarnation. The number of Spirit Guides we can draw upon is theoretically limited only by the amount of assistance we seek!!

However, each of us does have specifically assigned Guides that can be considered “ours” for the duration of this incarnation. These are the Guides best equipped to serve us, and we can interact with on a daily basis if we choose to.

Our Guides are Souls who assist us in our spiritual development and in the fulfilling of our highest path and purpose for this incarnation. Our Guides can assist us, protect us, and inspire our creativity. They provide us with information and guidance.

If you think of your Higher Self as the “Parent” then your Guides are the loving Aunts and Uncles from who we can draw counsel.

We have an Inner Circle and an Outer Circle of Guides.

Each of us has 4-6 guides in our lifetime in our Inner Circle that work just for us, these beings have been incarnated here on earth and have moved on to assist us. If we need special assistance, for example if we move into healing work or change career.

We have 7 guides in our Outer Circle who work for us and others. We look at their energy centres in this reading as this informs us about your Soul Purpose as they are there to offer you assistance in specific areas.

These reading allows you to find out who each of your guides are and what they are here to assist you with. You will find out if they are male or female energy, and what message they have for you at this time, what they look like, what age you were when you hired these guides (usually a time of transition or change in your life).

This profile also tells you how your guides impulse you or let you know they are there. You may then wish to go on to consider some coaching sessions.

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