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Would you recognise yourself at Soul Level?

Learn about your Gifts, Talents & Characteristics that make up your unique and Perfect Divine Soul

Get ready to be empowered with Soul Realignment for Personal Development.

Soul Profile

Knowing this will help you to make choices that are in line with your Soul’s purpose which make you feel healthier and create a sense of abundance and fulfilment.

This reading takes you on the journey of learning about who you are at Soul Level, your characteristics, gifts and guidance available to you . This knowledge helps us to align with our Divine Nature and in doing so we bring joy, abundance and manifesting abilities into this life.

What you will learn about in your Soul Profile Reading

Your Divine Gifts or energies that you have natural talents for and are abundant in.Discover if your soul embodies male or female energyDiscover which planet your soul originally incarnated and the accompanying characteristics that this has given youFind out the Energy Centre which is what your soul is most abundant in.Your Soul Specialisations which is the skill set you have for which you were innately designed.How connected you are to your higher-self and intuition.How many Spirit Guides are in your Inner CircleWhat your Primary Life Lesson (theme) is.

Soul Profile Reading$145

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