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Crown Chakra – Sahasrara


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Opening the Crown Chakra brings spiritual insight, mindfulness and the ability to live with quiet self-confidence in all aspects of life, we realise that everything is interconnected ad that we are part of the larger scheme of life, we begin to live with gratitude, faith and trust, rather than filled with fear and anxiety. Violet Aura is the perfect fragrance to sit and enjoy the sweet musk as you journey from thinking to knowing.


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The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and the energy flows out and above you. The Sanskrit word for the Crown Chakra is Sahasrara and means “thousand petaled” is concerned with the mind and spirit. The Crown Chakra focuses on one’s consciousness and the things relating to the High Self.

It is directly connected to your spiritual self and all spirituality in the world. When we engage with the Crown Chakra, flashes of enlightenment will occur — moments of true understanding of the world and all it contains. All events and emotions are clear and during those moments, everything makes sense. This highest energy source is the essence of all life and existence. The Crown Chakra is what allows people to move beyond individual materialistic needs to connect with the universal whole. It is true magic and it is yours.

Fragrance: Violet Aura – A striking sweet musk fragrance blended with strong floral notes.

Notes: Top: Lipstick Accord, Fruity, Citrus
Middle: Violet, Iris, Rose, Geranium, Rhubarb, Spicy
Bottom: Woody, Orris, Honey, Amber, Vanilla, Musks

Burn Time: Approx 35hrs.


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