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Uncover your Primary and Secondary Life Lessons

Life Lessons Reading

This is a stand alone reading for those of us really wanting to know what our Soul desires to experience in the way of Lessons (themes) for this lifetime. This reading will truly give you a sense of what your Soul has chosen to experience.

Here we look at the Primary Life Lessons and the Secondary Life Lessons

I want to be clear here that we are not in “school” our Soul does not need to “Learn” anything or “Grow”. This reading to explore what our Souls wishes to experiences its elf as Divine within this human lifetime. Our Life Lessons represent the experiences our Soul is choosing to examine in this lifetime – they are “themes” choosen so we can experience our Divinity and more fully express our true nature.

Lessons can be considered “complete” when a Soul has had enough of the experience of itself through this particular energetic quality. We are here to LIVE INTO our lessons and to embrace them consciously and fully This will assist us greatly to live a really full live that satisfies us spiritually.

Primary Lessons

Can be considered the main focus of the lifetime.

Secondary Lessons

Can be considered to expand the main theme and complement aspects of the main theme.

As well as finding out our Life Lessons this reading moves into the aspects of how these Lessons are currently showing up in our life. This information then helps us to look at our current circumstances and live more into them creating a more fulfilling human experience.

Our Life Lessons can show up in many areas of our life including, Work, Finance, Realationships, Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Personal Development, Family, Community, Friends, Relaxation, and Community.

The result here is to be able to live the experience of our lessons playfully, joyfully and to create the consequences and choices we choose through them, again working towards manifesting our desires and the experiences we wish to have.

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