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Have you ever been at home in a thunderstorm and the electricity goes out? For situations such as this, it is helpful to keep around a few votive candles when you need light. Votive candles have a burn time between 8 and 15 hours and are a favourite style among many candle fans because they come in a large variety of scents and colours.

Votive candles are the most common style of candle on the market. They are a convenient partible size that can be set in a decorative holder or put away in a drawer for emergency use. They are usually 2 inches tall, and some even feature soy candle wax, which is the safe alternative to carcinogen burning parrafin candles. Soy wax candles also cut down on the soot produced by normal candles.

A great gift idea for any candle lover would be an assortment of votive candles. Natura hand pours their Votive Candles, with a wide variety of creative scents and beautiful colours that are sure to cater to anyone’s taste.

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