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Choose a quiet and darkened space where you will not be disturbed. Dim light is best for candle gazing, so close the curtains if it’s day. Remove distractions like phones or turn them off.

Select a level surface for your candle. This needs to be free of flammable materials and near eye level when you are sitting. Place the candle on the surface and light it.

Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing and the room is a comfortable temperature. If it’s chilly, a blanket or shawl can help you stay warm as you sit.

Sit on a chair, the floor, or a cushion, so the candle flame is at eye level and about 2 feet away. How you sit is up to you–choose a comfortable position. Just make sure you’re sitting up straight and can remain completely still while meditating.

Stare at the candle and allow it to be the main focus of your mind. Hold your eyes steady even if you feel distracted or bored. Your eyes may begin to water but hold steady and the sensation will pass. If you blink or get distracted, just return your attention to the flame.

As you gaze at the candle, breath. Focus on the sensation of the light flowing into you with each inhalation. As time passes, the room around you will fade until your only awareness is the flame.

When your meditation is done, lay down and close your eyes for five minutes. This will allow your mind and body to come back to full awareness before you continue your day.