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Complete Analysis of the 7 Main Chakras

Chakra Analysis

Our Chakra’s are our energy centres within the body and they exist not only at a 3rd and 4th dimensional level but also in our emotional and mental energy bodies. Imbalances can be found at any of these levels. Our chakras can be under or over active having too much or too little energy running through them.

These are generally caused by lifestyle imbalances.

This reading measures the percentage activity levels for each chakra at the levels of the physical, emotional and mental.

If you have had a Soul Realignment clearing your Chakra’s will have been balanced but as they are impacted by lifestyle these can quickly become out of balance again. This reading includes a clearing that rebalances your energy centres and provides you with homework to integrate those changes.

In this reading I deal with your Seven Main Chakras

Chakra Analysis $135

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